[Ameridians & Covid] – Amerindian chronicles

[Ameridians & Covid] – Amerindian chronicles

This section contains testimonies from Amerindians describing their experience of the sanitary situation.








  • Yasnaya E. Aguilar, “Jëën pä’äm o la enfermedad del fuego”, March 22, 2020. In this essay, Mixe linguist Yasnaya Aguilar explores the parallels between the emergence of Covid-19 and the memory of past pandemics in the oral tradition of the Oaxaca Amerindians. https://elpais.com/elpais/2020/03/22/opinion/1584851651_880173.html


  • Pedro Uc, “Alternativas de resistencia maya en tiempo de pandemia”, August 19, 2020. Yucatec Mayan poet and environmentalist Pedro Uc situates the Covid-19 pandemic in a larger context of impacts on the Amerindian way of life, in particular due to the expansion of monocultures, mass tourism and massive infrastructure projects in the Yucatan peninsula. http://visionpeninsular.com/mid/alternativas-de-resistencia-maya-en-tiempo-de-pandemia/

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