Join the Society

Join the Society

Who’s concern by the Society ?

The Société des américanistes welcomes every year new members: Researchers and students in Anthropology, History, Archaeology, and Linguistics, but also amateurs passionate about past and present America.

Membership advantages

Being member of the “Société” will help you inform others about your research and keep up with other Americanists’ current research. Beside the invitation to the Society events, in particular to the several lectures organized each year, your membership may include a subscription to the Journal de la Société des américanistes. Membership also gives free access to the Musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac’s – permanent as well as temporary exhibitions.

How to join?

1 – Sponsorship
Joining the association requires a double sponsorship, handled by two current members of the Society. The names of the two sponsors have to be mentioned in the membership application form. If you wish to get in contact with possible sponsors, please contact the Society desk office.

2 – The membership application
Once two sponsors have been identified, please download and fill in digitally the Application form-Americanistes before returning it, by e-mail, to the Society desk office.

3 – The membership fees
The membership fees required to become a member have to be renewed each year. Its amount is discretionary. Several options are suggested:

Membership/subscription fees

Type of Membership



Benefactor membership
(With or without Journal subscription)

Over 55 €

Membership + Journal

40 €

50 €

Student membership + Journal
(a student status proof is required)

22 €

25 €

Simple membership

15 €

20 €

The fee payment can be managed by debit/credit card online (Paypal), bank transfer, check or change (see details on the application form).

> Online membership payment.

The integration of new members is acted during the Society general assembly.