Publication prize and subsidies 2022

Publication prize and subsidies 2022

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CALL 2022


  1. Young scholars Publication Prize of the Société des américanistes: an award for young scholars to help publish a volume resulting from their doctoral thesis
  2. Publication subsidy (open to all)


The Young scholars Publication Prize aims to assist young scholars with the publication of a book resulting from their doctoral research and already accepted by a publishing house in France or abroad. The Société will not accept thesis manuscripts that have not been reworked into a book.

The original dissertation should have been completed less than 5 years ago and the resulting book must make a contribution to the same disciplinary, thematic and areal fields as those covered by the Journal de la Société des américanistes. Manuscripts may be submitted in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese.

The award amount is capped at 3000€.

The Publication Grant is intended to help publish books contributing to the same disciplinary, thematic and areal fields as those covered by the Journal de la Société des américanistes. Single-authored monographs as well as edited volumes are eligible. The submitted volumes may be written in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese but must have been previously accepted by a publishing house, based in France or abroad. A manuscript can only be submitted once.

The allocated amount is capped at 2500€ (per project).

The deadline for submission shall be April 30, 2022. The candidatures will be evaluated by a panel of experts chosen by the Société’s executive board. Results will be announced in the fall of 2020.

The application package consists of:

  • Author(s) or Editor(s)’s CV, including a list of publications
  • Final Thesis Report or Examiner’s report for countries where applicable or letters of recommendation from at least two members of the PhD examination board (only for the young scholar’s Publication Prize)
  • Description of the manuscript (approx. 5 pages: table of contents, detailed summary, main arguments…)
  • Manuscript in pdf form
  • Pre-acceptance letter from the publishing house
  • Cost estimates from the publishing house (including other financial aids already obtained or solicited and the specific amount solicited from the Société)
  • Person to contact at the Publishing house (role, email and postal addresses)
  • Any other document deemed relevant

Any package either missing information or submitted after April 30, 2022, will not be accepted.

Recipients of the Publication Prize or Publication Grant must commit to mention the Société’s contribution in the book, as well as its logo, in accordance with agreements made with the publishing house, which is also expected to give a number of copies free of charge. Award winners who are not members of the Société must commit to apply for membership before receiving their grant or Prize.

The application package should be sent by e-mail only to: Please indicate in the subject line of the message the application category (Prize or Publication subsidy).


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